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  • Pocatello Wellness Pond - A New Fishing Hole/Recreational Area Opening September 2015

    Pocatello will receive a new urban fishing water this coming fall with the opening of the Portneuf Wellness Complex. The 7-acre pond will be stocked with fish and ready for anglers when the park opens to the public.

  • Catfishing in April on the Snake River

    James R. writes: Fishing in the Snake River and look over and see my pole going crazy. I jerked-up and the catfish gave me a heck of a battle.

  • Anglers Catch Steelhead Broodstock for South Fork Clearwater River

    Anglers Help Catch Steelhead Brood Stock

    Since 2010, Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been recruiting anglers to catch adult steelhead from the South Fork Clearwater River.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 3/29/15

    The South Fork of the Clearwater had the highest amount of effort this past week with the Little Salmon River not far behind. Both areas had good catch rates. Effort increased on the North Fork of the Clearwater from the previous week and produced good catch rates.

  • Upper Salmon Steelhead Report 3/29/15

    Steelhead fishing this week on the upper Salmon River remained similar to the previous week. The one exception was in location code 16, where angler effort increased and catch rates improved.

  • Lost Camera Finds its Owner

    A fish and game researcher was doing personal research by flyrod when he lost his digital camera. Two years later, it found it's way back to him through social media.

  • Alleged Falcon Slayer Identified

    Who news agencies say she is, and the story behind the alleged killing at CDA Press

  • Clearwater Catch 2015

    Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 3/22/15

    The South Fork of the Clearwater had a lot of anglers fishing along its banks this past week. Saturday had a high count of 114 anglers on the South Fork. We observed anglers fishing as far as mile marker 23 on highway 14. Many anglers are in drifting boats.

  • Upper Salmon Steelhead Report 3/22/15

    Steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River this past week was tough for anglers fishing below the town of Salmon.

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing 3/16/15

    Anglers in the Clearwater Region experienced some of the best catch rates observed so far in the Spring 2015 Steelhead season.