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  • Prepping for deer season

    A newly-launched Wildavore Program in the Pocatello area provides adults with hunting workshops and a chance to complete hunter's education class.

  • 2004 - Perpetuating an Idaho Icon

    It has been said that “as goes the West, so does the mule deer,” because mule deer are intrinsically tied to the history and development of the West. During the last century, mule deer populations across the West have gone through highs and lows.

  • Clearwater Chinook Update 7/18/14

    Hi everybody. This will be the last update I provide regarding fishing for spring Chinook Salmon in the Clearwater Region for you die hard, never say stop Chinook anglers.

    Currently the remaining river reaches open to Chinook Salmon fishing in the Clearwater Region include:

  • Upper Salmon Chinook Update 7/21/14

    The Chinook season in location code 19, upstream of the East Fork of the Salmon River, was closed at the end of fishing on Saturday, July 19th.  The season is still open in location codes 16, 17, and 18 until the end of fishing (10:00 PM) on Sunday, July 27th.

  • Beasts of Idaho's Mountain Lakes

    August is prime mountain lake fishing season.  If you're fishing mountain lakes that contain many brook trout, don't be surprised to see an occasional lunker northern pike.  We have an on-going evaluation on the effectiveness of predatory sterile northern pike on reducing stunted/over-populated

  • July 19th Upper Salmon River Salmon Fishing Closure

    After nearly a 4 week run, we're projecting we will meet our 780 fish harvest allotment on the upper Salmon River Chinook salmon fishery.  The season will close on Saturday, July 19th.

  • Landowner and Sportmen Partnerships

    Nearly 70 percent of Idaho is in public ownership and provides tremendous recreational opportunities for sportsmen and the general public.  It is no surprise the remaining 30 percent that is in private ownership is some of the most productive and desirable lands in the state.  The original settl

  • 1981 - New to Idaho Waters

    Idaho has about 120 fish species within its lakes, streams, and reservoirs. Of those, only about 40 species are native, meaning they were in Idaho naturally.

  • Chinook at Sawtooth Hatchery on Facebook

    The Sawtooth Hatchery is posting photos and information of retuning Chinook salmon on their Facebook page.  Check in out!

  • Upper Salmon Chinook Update 7/7/14

    The Chinook harvest increased this past week on the upper Salmon River, but once again, anglers upstream of the Pahsimeroi River fared better than those downstream.