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  • The Idaho Record Fish Quiz

    Idaho's lakes and rivers have yielded some monster fish, but who caught them? Where were they fishing? What were they using?

  • Wildlife Under the Microscope - Part Two

    Eagle Fish Health Laboratory

  • "Tigers" on the Loose in Boise

    Before you panic, we're talking about tiger salamanders.

  • Fishing Makes you Live Longer?

    The combination of exercise, de-stressing and improved diet makes fishing one of the most healthy things we can do.

  • Complete Hunting Guide in Idaho's Biggest Paper

    The Idaho Statesman has issued it's Fall Hunting Guide. It is a comprehensive look at what those hunting Idaho need to know and think about before heading out this fall.

    Idaho Statesman Hunting Guide

  • Salmon Traffic Jam; Fall Chinook Pile Over Bonneville

    Two days in a row, more than 67,000 fall Chinook swam past Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. On Tuesday 9/09/2014 the count at Lower Granite Dam was six times higher than a week ago at nearly 1,800. Where are all the fish going?

  • Fall Chinook - Sept. Treat

    Fall Chinook salmon are beginning to show-up in the fishery around Lewiston, Idaho. With record numbers crossing dams on the Lower Snake and Columbia Rivers; fishing can only get better.

    Most anglers are using bait (herring, shrimp or eggs).

  • 1957 - The Anadromous Fish Screen Program

    When settlers first diverted water from streams and rivers into their fields, they likely diverted more than water.  Fish following the flow of water were often carried out of the stream, into irrigation canals and onto farmers’ fields.

  • Salmon Cannon: Firing Fish Past Dams?

    Technology that transports fish quickly, and with surprisingly little to no stress; but is it the silver bullet to salmon recovery in the Northwestern United States?

  • 1909 - Laboring for Wildlife

    This week, in honor of Labor Day, we are paying tribute to all the women and men who have worked over the years to preserve, protect, perpetuate and manage Idaho’s wildlife resources.