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  • Faster Than a Hare, Turtles are Disappearing

    Overseas demand for turtles is causing a rapid decline in numbers. Which species are in danger of being endangered at McClatchyDC

  • Steelhead Fishing on Upper Salmon River 11/17/14

    Steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River was effectively shut down this past week due to the below average temperatures we have been having. Slush ice has been flowing through Salmon since Tuesday of last week and as of today the ice jam is upstream of North Fork near the Bobcat access site.

  • Airport Archery

    The not-so-serene setting of an Idaho airport feels safe to deer; providing opportunity for young deer hunters. How airport managers say it will help at KXLY.

  • 1938 - 2014 The Voters' Legacy

    Over the past 12 months, we have taken a look back to the earliest beginnings of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, going as far back as 1899. We have focused on the 1938 voter initiative and creation of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission.

  • A missing hunter and son found safe: Reminder, be prepared!

    There was a blip in the social media sphere this morning to help find missing hunters. A father and 13-year old son were found after getting stuck overnight on Charter Mountain.

  • Bringing Back Sharp-Tailed Grouse

    Idaho has the largest population of Columbian sharp-tailed grouse in North America. The programs helping boost populations at USDA Fence Post

  • Big Bear Stirs Big Emotion

    A hunter takes a massive black bear in an unorthodoxed way, stirring emotions among some people with anti-hunting sentiments.

  • Catch and Release; Against the Law?

    Washington State considers expanding a law that requires anglers to kill any hatchery steelhead they catch. More about the law designed to lower the impact of hatchery fish on wild runs in the Mail Tribune

  • Cleawater and Snake River Weekend Creel Surveys 11/02/14

    This past Saturday on the Clearwater was wet. It rained off and on most of the day. We are seeing more anglers fish from Orofino and up. Drift boats are dropping in at the Kooskia boat ramp or Button Beach and drifting down to Kamiah. This past week an angler caught a 18lb.

  • Upper Salmon Weekend Steelhead Creel Survey 11/02/14

    Steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River continued to improve this past week. Interviewed anglers downstream of the Middle Fork, in location code 14, averaged 12 hours per steelhead caught and 58 hours per steelhead kept.