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Clearwater & Snake Rivers Weekend Report for 3/8/2014

March 11, 2014 - 12:41pm -- idfg-vosborn

The Snake River is showing really good catch rates and good water clarity but, it had very little effort this weekend. This past week, the Clearwater and Salmon rivers were running high with rain and snow melt causing the water clarity to be poor and it made fishing difficult. River section 03 mouth of Clearwater to Orofino bridge had no documented anglers and fishing effort was low during the week as well. It looks like some of the shore effort moved over to the North Fork of the Clearwater for somewhat clearer water.  If you get onto the USGS site and look at the water conditions around Stites on the South Fork of the Clearwater it does look as if the water level is peaking so hopefully water conditions will improve within the near future and make for better fishing. Click here for more details.

Photo from Lindsey Bischoff shows spring runoff affecting the North Fork of the Clearwater above Dworshak Dam.

- Jaime Robertson, Fisheries Technician



Into the wolf den: Monitoring pup survival

March 5, 2014 - 11:00am -- idfg-bstuder

Managing wolves is complicated. It requires a good understanding of their biology. That includes understanding wolf cub survival rates. Since the 1938 initiative, Idaho Fish and Game's biologists continue to try new methods to gain more knowledge and understanding of Idaho's wildlife to preserve, protect, and manage Idaho's wildlife resources.

The following Spokesman Review article tells about Lacy Robinson's recent ground breaking research for monitoring wolf pups. Read more at

Collared wolf pup, (c) Lacy Robinson, Idaho Fish and Game

Want to know more? This video documents the new method of monitoring wolf pups.
Note: There is footage of a minor surgery that some users might find upsetting.



State record fish caught... again!

March 4, 2014 - 10:47pm -- idfg-bstuder

Another weekend of ice fishing on Cascade and another state record yellow perch.  How can you go 38 years without breaking the record and then break the state record three times in three weeks?

Read more about this record-breaking catch: *


*Note: Idaho Fish and Game has confirmed that this indeed did break the state record set last week. Review all state of Idaho record fish here. And, apparently if you're headed to Cascade lake, you can find the instructions for recording a state record fish.

Upper Salmon River Steelhead Weekend Report 3/02/14

March 4, 2014 - 3:32pm -- idfg-vosborn

This past weekend, road conditions improved enough below North Fork for creel personnel to collect data from all location codes on the upper Salmon River. Anglers in location code 14, downstream of the Middle Fork, averaged 5 hours per steelhead caught and 10 hours per steelhead kept. Effort was minimal and no steelhead were observed caught in location code 15. Location code 16 received the most angler effort over the weekend, and anglers there averaged 49 hours per steelhead caught and 147 per steelhead kept. Anglers in location code 17, from the mouth of the Lemhi River to the mouth of the Pahsimeroi River, averaged 9 hours per steelhead caught and 15 hours per steelhead kept. Similar to last week, angler effort was low upstream of Ellis. The few interviews that were obtained from upstream produced averages of 8 hours per steelhead caught in location code 18 and 17 hours per steelhead caught, or kept, in location code 19.  Click here for complete summary.

The Deadwater ice jam has receded back to Deadwater. With warmer weather in the forecast, it may go out within the week. Water conditions downstream of Deadwater remained muddy throughout the weekend, with visibility around 18 inches. Additionally, all boat ramps between Salmon and North Fork have been cleared of ice, with the exception of the 4th of July Access Area. - Brent Beller, Fisheries Technician

1981 - Checking for Wildlife!

March 1, 2014 - 2:24pm -- idfg-vosborn

The Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund, commonly known as the Tax Check-off for Wildlife, established formal funding to manage nongame wildlife by allowing state residents to make a voluntary contribution to nongame wildlife programs through their tax forms. It was the first income tax check-off opportunity on the state income tax form.
Since 1981, some of the projects and species which have benefitted from these donations include:

Birds on the Snake, watch and learn

February 27, 2014 - 12:36am -- idfg-bstuder

We follow several birding photographers online and have been awed at their finds of birds in Idaho. This article gives some good information about places along the Snake River in Idaho to watch birds.

Idaho’s Snake River is a bird-watching haven Peregrine Falcon


You can also check out the Fish and Game's Idaho Birding Trail for additional birding information for around the rest of the state.


1979 - A Safe Start: Educating Hunters

February 22, 2014 - 12:03pm -- idfg-vosborn

The federal government created a stable source of funding for the state hunter education programs with the 1972 passage of the Dingell-Hart Amendment to the 1937 Pittman-Robertson Act.  The Pittman-Robertson law imposed an excise tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition for distribution to the states for wildlife restoration. The amendment allocated a percentage of these funds to state hunter education programs.

Pronghorn fawns are very, very quiet

February 19, 2014 - 2:11pm -- idfg-bstuder

A recent article from NPR highlights the native camoflouge of Idaho's pronghorn. Being very quite is an amazing defense mechanism for these animals until they are old enough to run from predators.

Read the story and view some of the other camoflouge pronghorn have in photos at NPR.


While we're talking about pronghorn fawns, a recent video clip from our 75th Celebration shows historical footage of Idaho Fish and Game biologists "dip netting" (yes, like you'd use for a fish) pronghorn fawns as a management tool. Please note, we do not recommend standing on the tops of cars while driving offroad, as they do in the video below. 



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