1981 - Checking for Wildlife!

The Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund, commonly known as the Tax Check-off for Wildlife, established formal funding to manage nongame wildlife by allowing state residents to make a voluntary contribution to nongame wildlife programs through their tax forms. It was the first income tax check-off opportunity on the state income tax form.
Since 1981, some of the projects and species which have benefitted from these donations include:

  • The Panhandle’s Multi-species Baseline Initiative (MBI) where project partners and citizen scientists help fill data gaps on dozens of species.
  • Pygmy Rabbit surveys in the Lemhi Range and elsewhere helped prevent this species from becoming listed.
  • Conservation efforts along the South Fork of the Snake River to benefit multiple species of fish and wildlife.
  • Management and research in southeastern Idaho on American White Pelicans and Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.
  • Habitat restoration after the Murphy Complex Fire to benefit the Greater Sage-Grouse and other shrub-steppe species.
  • Work with partners and private landowners on the Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel, which may prevent this Candidate species from being listed.
  • Reintroducing fire to ponderosa pine forests to benefit habitat for many Species of Greatest Conservation Need in west-central Idaho.
  • Research on Fisher and other forest carnivores in the Clearwater to inform conservation and management actions.

Read more about many of the nongame projects in Windows to Wildlife. Watch a series of videos on work being done by MBI.

Managing wildlife and wildlife habitat often benefits more than the targeted species. While efforts may be focused on Pygmy rabbits, many other  species profit from the work being done, whether they are hunted and fished or not.

So check the box on your Idaho tax form today!  Your donation will help create nesting and habitat areas, while protecting hundreds of wildlife species and paying for conservation education programs. Every dollar assists wildlife and is tax deductible.  You can truly make a difference for Idaho’s natural resources and the wildlife that belongs to you!