Recent Blogs

  • Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report (11/16/15)

    Steelhead catch rates on the Clearwater River this past week were good with 10 hours or less to catch. We are starting to document more anglers fishing above Orofino Bridge and we documented catch on the South Fork of the Clearwater.

  • Upper Salmon Steelhead Report (11/15/15)

    With catch rates under 16 hours per fish in all location codes, steelhead fishing remained good this past week on the upper Salmon River. Angler effort was lower than the previous week but remained high for the middle of November.

  • Video: Conservation officer frees buck

    In August, Conservation Officer John McLain received a call about an entangled buck near Orofino. Finding the buck, he turned on his body-mounted camera and thought, “this might be a video of me getting my butt kicked, or it might turn out alright.”

  • Video: How SAFE habitat benefits wildlife

    This video is a short overview of how the State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) program can help landowners produce and attract more wildlife to their properties. Wildlife Biologist Andrew Mackey talks about the importance of diversity and structure in CRP fields.

  • Video: Parachuting Beaver Short Found from 1950's

    It wasn't exactly an unreleased Beatles tune or a missing Monet, but the much-talked-about film featuring parachuting beavers was recently rediscovered in Fish and Game's archives.

  • VIDEO - Field to freezer: tips for processing your big game animal

    You successfully shot a deer, elk or other big game animal. Now the work begins. You want to properly process the animal so you get many healthy, enjoyable meals from it. Here is the basic cheat sheet.
  • fire closure map 9/25

    Idaho fire closure map update (9/25/2015) - Most "area" closures lifted

    Most of Idaho's fire closure areas have been lifted. However, there are still many trail and road closures in some areas.

  • Idaho fire closure map at a glance (9/21/2015)

    Still more encouraging reductions in closure areas. However, remain cautious and aware of your surroundings while in the field! Continue to respect closure areas and trails and roads and give plenty of room to fire crews.

  • Sept. 18: Clearwater Region lifts fire restriction on F&G lands

    LEWISTON - Due to recent widespread rain events throughout many parts of north-central Idaho, Stage I and Stage II fire restrictions will be lifted on Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) managed lands across the Clearwater Region, effective immediately.

  • 9-17-2015 fire map

    Idaho fire closure map at a glance (9/17/2015)

    Hunters, anglers and others please note: Trail and road closures still exist in burned areas despite recent wetter, cooler weather. Please respect the trail