Idaho Fish and Game Idaho Fish and Game
Idaho Fish and Game Commission
Annual Meeting
January 16-17, 2013

Fish and Game Headquarters
600 South Walnut St., Boise, ID
(208) 334-3700

Note: Times on the agenda are approximate and subject to change.

3:00 p.m. Deer and Elk Surveys, Current and Future Application – Mark Hurley, Regional Wildlife Manager
4:00 p.m. Wildlife Summit Discussion
5:00 p.m. Dinner – Discussion of Legislative Topics
7:00 p.m. Public Hearing – Fish and Game Headquarters, 600 South Walnut St., Boise, ID 83712

8:00 a.m.   Posting of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance – Idaho Department of Fish and Game Honor Guard
8:05 a.m. 1. Opening Comments, Welcome Home Greg Wooten – Randy Budge, Commission Chairman
8:15 a.m.2. Agenda Changes – Randy Budge, Commission Chairman
8:20 a.m.3. Review of Public Comment – Randy Budge, Commission Chairman
8:35 a.m.4.Consent Calendar (Action Requested by Department)
    1. Minutes
    2. Financial Report
    3. Appointments to Winter Feeding Advisory Committee
8:45 a.m.5. Season Setting: Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats (Action Requested by Department) – Jon Rachael, State Wildlife Manager
9:10 a.m.6. Commission Direction of Animal Damage Control Board (Action Requested by Department) – Jeff Gould, Wildlife Chief
9:25 a.m.7. Land Acquisition - Sandaker Estate; Palisades Creek Weir Donation (Action Requested by Department) – Gregg Servheen, Wildlife Program Coordinator
9:35 a.m.8. Legislative Update – Sharon Kiefer, Deputy Director
9:55 a.m.9. Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation (IFWF) Update – Ann Dehner, Executive Director
10:05 a.m.10. IFWF Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Selection of Fish and Game Commission Liaison to IFWF (Action Requested by Department) – Sharon Kiefer, Deputy Director
10:20 A.M. - BREAK
10:40 a.m.11. Mentor Hunting Program Implementation Update – Sharon Kiefer, Deputy Director
10:50 a.m.12. Tag-You're-IT Presentation – Dan Schill, Fisheries Research Manager – Award Presentation by Mike Stone, President, Fish Administrator's Section, American Fisheries Society
11:30 a.m.13. Conservation Officer Enforcement Survey – Jon Heggen, Enforcement Chief
11:40 a.m.14. Update on the Implementation of the Salvage Rule – Jon Heggen, Enforcement Chief
11:50 p.m.15. Anadromous Fishery Report – Pete Hassemer, Anadromous Fisheries Manager
12:05 P.M. - LUNCH
1:00 p.m.16. JFAC Budget Preview – Virgil Moore, Director
1:45 p.m.17. Deer and Elk Status Update – Toby Boudreau, Wildlife Program Coordinator
2:15 p.m.18. Elk Plan Update – Craig White, Wildlife Staff Biologist
2:45 p.m.19. Governor's Sage Grouse Alternative Update – Don Kemner, Natural Resource Program Coordinator
3:05 P.M. - BREAK
3:20 p.m.20. Director's Report – Virgil Moore, Director
3:30 p.m.21. Director's Annual Report to the Commission – Virgil Moore, Director
3:50 p.m.22. Commission Reports – Commissioners
4:30 p.m.23. Executive Session I.C. 67-2345(1) (b) (c) (f)
5:00 p.m.24. Idaho Sportsmen's Caucus Advisory Council Legislative Reception, Grove Hotel – Individual Commissioners May Attend