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Comments accepted through June 27, 2016.

Dead Animals?
Report Them!

Ground squirrels south of Boise are confirmed to have plague.

Please see our Plague Information page for safety precautions and a form for reporting dead animals.

Follow the link to see the results of the controlled hunt survey.


Monday Sep. 12, 2016 by idfg-dparrish

Comment in Fish Talk:  Had tons of fun catching Chinook out of Anderson Ranch this summer.  Are the initial plant of 35,000 spawning this year or next?

J. Michael K.



Monday Jun. 20, 2016 by idfg-dparrish

We went to Brownlee (Reservoir) 6/18 and caught a lot of crappie and small non keeper Bass. Reservoir is full. Crappie were fairly aggressive on their bite.

L. Hewett

Thursday Jun. 16, 2016 by idfg-dparrish

Fished Lost Valley Res.

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