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High-Quality PDF maps and KML download of individual Hunt Areas are available in the Huntplanner Map Index. Download state-wide geographic datasets for offline viewing in Google Earth (KML) and Shapefile (SHP) format using our Open Data Page.



Wildfires & Closures


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Due to heavy use by wildfire teams fire overlays may refresh slowly.


MODIS Fire Detections
 Active in the last 12 hours
 Active in the last 24 hours
Cumulative Detections for 2013

US Forest Service Realtime MODIS satellite imagery updated every two hours.

Fire Emergency Area Closures
Closure Area Boundaries

NOTE: This only displays active area closures. For text descriptions of all fire closures including roads, trails and PDF maps visit Inciweb. This layer was digitized by individual USFS Fire Incident Teams and Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System Team at IDFG. You may download this layer at Google Earth or Shapefile for offline viewing (last updated 8/13/13).

Active Fire Perimeters
Fire Perimeters from Infared

Burn perimeters from infared flight imagery for all fires actively burning in the continental US updated nightly.
Source: USGS GeoMAC

Motorized & Non-Motorized Trails


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This layer may be slow or not render at large extents. For best performance zoom to at or below a county-level.


  • Automobile
  • Automobile, Seasonal
  • Highway Legal
  • Highway Legal, Seasonal
  • Jeep
  • Jeep, Seasonal
  • ATV
  • ATV, Seasonal
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle, Seasonal
  • Non-Motorized
  • Other Route

For more information about Idaho Trails visit



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Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Corps of Engineers
Idaho Fish and Game
Idaho State Parks
National Park Service
US Forest Service

Toggle on the 'US Topo' basemap for campground names. Campgrounds provided by

Administrative & Hunting


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Land Management depicts the agency responsible for managing the land as may be best determined by the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) working in concert with other federal agencies and the Idaho Department of Lands(IDL).

Though land ownership is indicated this is not an accurate map of actual landownership or properties. If an area is posted, please respect private property and inquire with the local county to confirm private ownership. At this time there is no statewide layer of parcel ownership accessible to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. For more information about the state's effort to develop a statewide parcel layer visit

For more information about the Surface Management Agency layer view the metadata on Inside Idaho.



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Click a photo to view larger version. Zoom in to view more photos at a location. Photos provided by Panoramio. Photos are not hosted, controlled nor affiliated with IDFG.

How To

The Map Center allows you to explore Idaho's Hunt Boundaries and diverse terrain.

How To

To add a Hunt Area boundary, expand "Highlight a Hunt Area" and select an area. The selected hunt area will appear as an overlay in bright yellow

You may add overlays using by checking layers in the Wildfires, Trails and Administrative areas. Be advised that some layers (depending on the data source and your network speed) may take some time to render.

Use the buttons in the upper-right to toggle between satellite imagery, terrain and other basemaps.

Navigate the map using the pan and zoom tools in the upper left to move in and out. Or you may use your mouse to click-drag to pan and scroll wheel to zoom or gesture actions on touchscreen devices. When highlighted yellow, you may drag the little yellow man in the upper left onto any of the streets that highlight in blue to get a streetview look at the landscape. When done, click the "X" in the upper right to return to map view.


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