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American Crow
Corvus brachyrhynchos Species Info | Images
Blue Grouse
Dendragapus obscurus Species Info | Images
California Quail
Callipepla californica Species Info | Images
Alectoris chukar Species Info | Images
Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse
Tympanuchus phasianellus columbianus Species Info | Images
Gray Partridge
Perdix perdix Species Info | Images
Mourning Dove
Zenaida macroura Species Info | Images
Northern Bobwhite
Colinus virginianus Species Info | Images
Ring-Necked Pheasant
Phasianus colchicus Species Info | Images
Ruffed Grouse
Bonasa umbellus Species Info | Images
Sage Grouse
Centrocercus urophasianus Species Info | Images
Spruce Grouse
Dendragapus canadensis Species Info | Images
Wild Turkey
Meleagris gallopavo Species Info | Images

* Species Info from Idaho State University's Digital Atlas of Idaho (where available) or USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center's Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter.
* Images displayed using Google Image Search. Note that images in Google's results may be copyrighted. Uncopyrighted images are available on this page.

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