Frenchman Creek 

Tributary of the Salmon River

Counties: Blaine

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Surveyed fish species. This list includes fish species found to be present in this water during fish surveys. This may not be a complete list of species present in this water. Some species listed here may only be present in small quantities or seasonally.

Bull Trout are a protected species in Idaho and may be present in this water. If you catch a Bull Trout, it must be released immediately, unharmed, back into the water.

Chinook Salmon fishing is only permitted in waters open to Chinook Salmon fishing during Chinook Salmon Season. Click this Chinook Salmon Link for seasons, rules, and other information.

Steelhead fishing is only permitted in waters open to Steelhead fishing during Steelhead Season. Click this Steelhead Link for seasons, rules, and other information.

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Exceptions to the Salmon Region General Rules and Seasons that apply to the Frenchman Creek.

    • Salmon River Tributaries  Those tributaries from the mouth of the Middle Fork Salmon River upstream (except: North Fork Salmon River, Lemhi, Pahsimeroi, East Fork Salmon River, and Yankee Fork Salmon River) [View Map]
    • December 1 through Friday before Memorial Day weekend – trout limit is 0, catch-and-release
    • Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through November 30 - Salmon Region general rules apply

    This web site provides a general guide to fishing rules and seasons. Before fishing, check the official Idaho fishing rule brochure for the official fishing rules and proclamations of Idaho. A free brochure is available at your local fishing license vendor or at

    View Past 10 Years Stocking

    Species Number Planted Size Category Date Planted
    Steelhead Trout 20 Greater than 6 inches 2003
    Steelhead Trout 30 Greater than 6 inches 2002
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