Moose Hunting

Hunting for moose in Idaho can take you from the heavily timbered forests of North Idaho to the meandering streams of the Snake River Plain. Fewer than a thousand animals a half a century ago, Idaho’s moose are now estimated at 10,000 to 12,000. While some moose populations are declining in parts of the state, they are also expanding their range in several other areas. A good way to find out what’s happening locally is to call the regional Fish and Game office.

To hunt for moose in Idaho, you must apply for a controlled hunt tag. Moose are the only ‘once in a lifetime’ trophy species in which you can harvest both a bull and a cow in your lifetime.  Plus, if there are any unclaimed (leftover) controlled hunt moose tags, you can apply for an additional hunting opportunity in the late draw. 

To hunt moose in Idaho you need to:

  • buy an Idaho hunting license
  • apply for a controlled hunt between April 1-30

Your refund or tag will be mailed to you by June 10, however it is your responsibility to verify if you were successful in the drawing.